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Nisgav is a private company, established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, since 1989.

We can share with your company, organization or any individual our knowledge and experience to improve your company's results.

Hire us for consultancy and sourcing in the following fields:


For more than 20 years we visit international optical shows, in Milano, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, and we have good sources and own line of frames and tools for the optician. 1 very special item in our portofolio is the Chromagen Lens for Color Deficiency.
We produce and distribute the Chromagen Lenses worldwide. Chromagen Lens can be supplied as Contact Lens or as Glasses. With our Chromagen Contact Lenses you can pass any Color Vision Test in your Employment Test.
We developed a Free Online Ishihara Test to let you see how our lens is working and upon the test results we can advice you which Chromagen Lens you need. 
For free online test See
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Cyber Security includes Cyber Defense, Cyber Intelligence, Data Transfer Safety, Network Protection, Avoid Leaks. 
We attend the most recent cyber exhibitions, we partner with few cyber defense companies who are using military technologies, intelligence services methods and some patents that can help you and your company in protecting your data and network. In some cases we can take care to provide you with intelligence so that you will find the threats in advance and be able to take measures and avoid damage to your systems.
Our services are suitable to individuals, small and medium companies to big scale companies, organizations, ministries, government offices, military, law forces, financial institutes. See

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Fertilizer - Clean, Healthy, More, Big, Quick

Unique Agriculture Solutions

What is EarthSP:

1. EarthSP is a mineral fertilizer that has the ability to retain water in the soil, even in desert climates. EarthSP delivers high, natural concentrations of essential minerals that, through practical use, has been proven to accelerate the growth process and yield better results in plants grown in soil treated with EarthSP.
2. There are no chemicals or toxins in EarthSP. Delivers NATURAL essential minerals needed by plants for growth.
3. EarthSP is derived from a 100% natural source and will NOT damage the soil and has no adverse effects on plants growing in soil treated with EarthSP.
4. Absorbs and retains water from its environment such as humidity, dew, etc...
5. Retains Moisture in the soil treated with EarthSP on thus allowing the soil to deliver more essential water needed by the plants.
6. Allows for growth of plants and trees in semi-desert and desert climates where no other fertilizer can by providing essential minerals to the soil and the ability to retain water.
7. Combination of water retention and high mineral concentration allow for better, quicker plant growth by up to 40% without compromising the plants health or damaging the soil.
8. Practical tests of EarthSP on mango farms showed the trees growing in the treated soil flowered 3 weeks prior to those treated with conventional fertilizer and bore fruit 30% larger than those growing on trees in the untreated soil.
9. In short, EarthSP is a natural mineral fertilizer that has been developed to promote the efficiency of growth in soil of all conditions including desert conditions. It does so while yielding better results of other known fertilizers, natural and chemical.
10. EarthSP is not sensitive to UV-radiation, and stabilized in any climate condition.
11. EarthSP can be applied as powder on the surface or in the irrigation system.
For EarthSP Presentation go to:


As registered brokers we can supply you with diamonds and diamond tools worldwide. We can supply all kind of diamonds with or without rings or earring, directly from the factories, for very attractive prices. See




We have cooperation with the biggest suppliers of smart phones and their Smart Phone Parts and Smart Phone Accessoires. For online store



Programming, Design, IT

We have few top programmers and graphic designers to build, design, write your app, software or make changes in your web site. We can deal with all kinds of programming, scripts, designs, logos, payment methods. For our Taxi App and Deliveries App and/or advice contact us by email or call/whatsapp +31-653-160118



Hi, Welcome to our Affiliates Zone.

We would like to show you in the next steps how you can build your Online Business/Affiliate Business, which will generate money for you from Home or while Traveling.
It is important that you prepare for you a nice and comfortable place to sit, have a good computer, a good note book to write things, have the right tools to be able to put all things together.
You don't have to have products in stock, you don't send anything, you just generate commissions from product links in your pages and your emails !!

In general you have to understand the idea: 
You build your own online page/s (we'll explain how), you choose your niche (it's the products you think good to offer or we'll find something for you), we generate links for those products, you place the links in your site and/or in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (which we will show you how) and start generating clicks and money. Each time when some one buys and some times click, you get commission.
Remember that when you or some one buys something through a link, the price is not higher. We also profit from links and from ads and we teach you and other affiliates how to do it, so we support each other.

So what do you need, (Online Business is like a SHOP), see the links below:
1) You need a Domain Name (this is www.?????.com, it's like the name of your shop) you can register it with step 2.
2) You need a Hosting (it's like the shop space), we suggest Bluehost.
3) You need to register to ClickBank Affiliates.
4) You can register to YieldKit, affiliate program (we'll explain and show what it is).
5) You can register to GetResponse, to manage emails (we'll explain and show what it is).
6) You need Paypal account. If you can't open a Paypal account we will be happy to host it in our Paypal account.

How you connect the above services/tools:
You register a hosting in Bluehost (take the cheapest package and upgrade later if needed). Bluehost is recommended because of it's quality, reputation and location, in the USA.
There you can register a domain name. Think about good domain, if it is for Watches, can be for example In Bluehost you can search domain availability. In most cases you get free domain when you register your hosting by Bluehost.
Then you can build some pages in your hosting. For this you can use few free programs or we can assist for few dollars.

Next you create in ClickBank and YieldKit few links, for products that you are interested to choose for sale from their products. You don't have to have those products by you, you just refer customers to those products, there are millions of products, and when people buy it, their system can track that the product bought from your link and you'll get your commission in your account. They release commissions by Paypal or through bank, while commissions got to $100 or less, you can set it in their account.

Then you can place links and ads in Facebook for few Dollars, targeting people as you wish, from several countries and from several interests. Your friends and family can be the first to start with. Later they can join the program as well and you'll be able to profit an extra commission.
With GetResponse, take the cheapest package, and start collecting leads, with emails, only verified emails, not spam, and start writing to those leads about your products. From time to time inform them about your affiliate and offers and you'll get commission when they buy something through your links.

There is also another way to get commissions for Clicks, with Google ads. We can explain it later if you are interested.

It's possible that you registered to Yoonla. This is also a platform for Affiliates, but we want now to jump 1 step further and show you shorter and better way to be your own boss.

Here are few links for you to use, in order to be prepared for the building of your Online Business. Please use them, set all up, as much as you can, and let us know what else you need or how we can assist:

1) Bluehost for hosting and Domain.

2) ClickBank for product links.

3) YieldKit for product links.

4) GetResponse for Emails control and email marketing.

Haim Cohen
CEO, Nisgav
The Netherlands

Please do it step by step. Register the small packages. Make a note for you with all the accounts. We'll help you doing it until you'll be up and runing. If you have some small installs or things that you can't do we will be able to do it for you for few dollars, but most of the programs have help desk and videos explaining how to do. When you have subscriptions for all the needed accounts we will show you examples how to start placing ads and affiliate links to start generating income.
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Want your own online store in your own niche, check the following pages and join to get yours:
Our Main Store:
All the Niche Stores:

We have experience with our sources and took care to deliver our customers high quality and the best price in the market. For more info call +31-653-160118 or email



News from our cooperation with China

October 2016.
EarthSP Fertilizers by Dayani Trust and Nisgav
Prof. Moshe Dayani and Haim Cohen were invited to Shanghai, China, to introduce the unique EarthSP Fertilizers.
EarthSP is an invention of Prof. Moshe Dayani, who works on the development for more than 30 years in his own lab in South Africa and worldwide.
EarthSP is clean for the environment, without any chemical involved, it can be used for Cows, Bulls, Pigs, Fish, Chicken, Crops and more.
EarthSP is Clean, Easy to Store, Safe, Cost Effective, Healthy, will take care for Bigger Size, More Quantity, Quick Growth and Good Quality of results if it is for Animals, Crops, Milk, Eggs, etc.


Vintage & Collectables Glasses and Eye Frames Supplier.

200,000 pcs always in stock.
Located in Amsterdam.
We have a very big collection of NEW Un-Used branded Vintage & Collectables Sun Glasses and Eye Glasses, dated from 1910.
If you have a store in a key location, in LA, Las Vegas, New York, Paris, London, Shanghai or other, you can generate high profits with our collection.
We can fill your complete store with our glasses and you will be able to sell them like warm bread!! Join our worldwide customers.

Please contact us for an appointment: or tel./whatsapp +31-653-160118
Haim Cohen
The Netherlands

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  • SpyThere is a Cyber Defense company. We provide Cybersecurity by delivery of advance Cyber Intelligence.
  • Supplier of diamond tools - Nisgav Diamonds Tools
  • Worldwide supply of diamonds direct from the factories
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